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Chemical Auxiliary Agent


Coarse Grade Sliding Wear Compound

An advanced ceramic composite for the repair and protection of all metal  surfaces subjected to severe erosion, corrosion, and chemical attack. It can be  used either to rebuild eroded metal surfaces or to provide a wear resistant  surface, which frequently outperforms the original metal, weld overlay, rubber  liners or ceramic tiles. It is  normally applied at a thickness of 6 mm (1/4 inch) or more.
Technical Data
Dry Temperature Dry (Min/Max)
-20 F (-29C) to 400 F (205 C)
Wet Temperature (Min/Max)-20 F (-29C) to 205 F (95 C)
Compressive Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)620 - (8,800)
Flexural Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)370 - (5,200)
Tensile Strength - kg/cm2/Mpa (psi)250 - 25 (3,500)
Tensile Adhesion - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)Greater than 123 - 12 (1,750)
Impact Resistance - nt m (in. lbs.)6,8 (60)
Shore D Hardness85