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Vinyl ester resin based thin film concrete coating

A catalyzed thin film vinyl ester composite formulated to protect concrete and steel  surfaces from harsh chemical attack. ARC FCS 600 is a low viscosity, high performance coating that can be  easily applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment, and yields excellent  barrier properties for long-term chemical resistance. It is normally applied in a 2-coat  system at a thickness of 200 - 375 microns (8 -15 mils) per coat for fume  exposure and in a 3-coat system for spill and immersion.
Technical Data
Dry Temperature Dry (Min/Max)
-20 F (-29C) to 200 F (93 C)
Wet Temperature (Min/Max)-20 F (-29C) to 135 F (57 C)
Compressive Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)752 - 74 (10,700)
Flexural Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)428 - 42 (6,800)
Tensile Strength - kg/cm2/Mpa (psi)240 - 23 (3,400)
Tensile Adhesion - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)Greater than 28- 2,8 (400)
Impact Resistance - nt m (in. lbs.)> Concrete
Shore D Hardness87
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