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100% solids, epoxy resin based, quartz reinforced concrete resurfacer

A trowel applied composite coating that protects horizontal concrete  surfaces from chemical and physical abuse. It closes easily and  can be veil coated with ARC FCS 201 or other ARC systems for protection  against chemical permeation. Without a veil coat the finished surface  produces a dense textured surface with non-slip characteristics. ARC FCS 304 is easily applied  and can be used at a thickness as low as 6 mm (1/4"). ARC FCS 304 is USDA acceptable for food processing plants and has  excellent resistance to acids, caustics, and detergents.
Technical Data
Dry Temperature Dry (Min/Max)
-20 F (-29C) to 175 F (80 C)
Wet Temperature (Min/Max)-20 F (-29C) to 140 F (60 C)
Compressive Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)703 - 69 (10,000)
Flexural Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)225 - 22 (3,200)
Tensile Strength - kg/cm2/Mpa (psi)77 - 7,6 (1,100)
Tensile Adhesion - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)Greater than 28- 2,8 (400)
Impact Resistance - nt m (in. lbs.)> Concrete
Shore D Hardness86