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100% solids, low VOC parge coat

ARC FCS 300 is a silica reinforced concrete filler compound designed to  fill concrete surfaces where form holes and surface deficiencies are  present. ARC FCS 300 is user friendly and will readily accept most ARC Composite  Coatings for improved mechanical and chemical exposures. ARC FCS 300 is trowelable at thicknesses up to 6 mm (1/4").
Technical Data
Dry Temperature Dry (Min/Max)
-20 F (-29C) to 200 F (90 C)
Wet Temperature (Min/Max)-20 F (-29C) to 140 F (60 C)
Compressive Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)309 - 30 (4,400)
Flexural Strength - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)196 -19 (2,800)
Tensile Strength - kg/cm2/Mpa (psi)109 - 11 (1,550)
Tensile Adhesion - kg/cm2 - Mpa (psi)Greater than 28- 2,8 (400)
Impact Resistance - nt m (in. lbs.)> Concrete
Shore D Hardness86
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